Cheap Minibus Hire in Bristol Area

I have flown into Bristol, in order to attend a family reunion. The majority of my family is from Bristol, and other parts of the UK. However, I have grown up out of the country, and this is the first time I have visited, since I was a little child. I am pretty excited about it. I have brought some other relatives with me from out of the country. We are going to attend the reunion together, and I need to look into minibus hire in Bristol to find out if I can get a good price to rent a minibus for the event

I feel like that would be the easiest way to provide transportation for my family members to the area where the reunion is being held. It is actually a good bit away from where we are staying in our hotels. So, we would need to figure out transportation either way. At first, we were thinking about taking separate taxis, but that did not seem like it would make a lot of sense. It would most likely cost a lot more for all of us to do it that way. So, if we get a minibus, we should be able to save some money, and we would also have the added bonus of being able to travel together.

So we are going to need to have the minibus to pick us up from where we are staying, and then take us to the reunion. After it is over, we will need it to come back, and to pick us all up again. Then, to take us back to our hotel. I am not sure how long all of that will take, and if they are going to charge us by the hour. But I intend to figure out the specifics.