Spent the Day in Penang

I was up in Penang all day today, doing a bit of selling because my boss is out of the loop lately. He has a new girl, one about half his age and obviously interested in his money. She probably does not realize that most of his money is tied up in alimony and child support and business loans, but that is her problem. The two of them are off having a good time while I have been dealing with maids in Singapore. I mean the ones that clean up the office build. Apparently the ones who do that have been having some sort of dispute with the agency that employs them and finds places for them to clean up.

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Old Phones Turned into a New Phone

Over the years, I’ve used a lot of mobile phones. I usually get a new phone when I renew my phone contract, and there are times when I’ve switched to a new provider and have gotten new phones. I’ve even gotten a few prepaid phones before. Rather than throwing them away, I just put them in a drawer after I backup all of my contacts and data. A friend of mine told me that I could go to www.mobile-cash-comparison.co.uk and trade the phones in for money. To think, all this time I had been sitting on a cash pile that I didn’t bother to think about.

I went to the website and looked up all the different phone models I had collected over the years. Among my selection I had new and old phones, from smart phones to feature phones.

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Spent the Day Looking at Condos

I am sort of the boss’ new flunky it seems. I made the mistake of letting him know that I was not really all that busy at the moment. They have sort of made me a troubleshooter lately, because I have a lot of varied skills and so I do a lot of sitting around and waiting for people to need me. He is looking for a new place to live right now. The wife threw him out, no one is going to blame her for it either. So I was assigned Marina One Residences and some other condo buildings. He gave me a list of criteria. It needed to be near the office and have a lot of services. My job was to go find out which ones were worth looking at. I was not that unhappy about it to be honest. It was a lot less boring than what I had been doing to tell the truth.

I did not like the first place I went to and it was really off the list based on failing to meet the specifications that the boss laid out.

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