If Only I Could Have Been a Jockey

I have always wanted to be able to raise race horses. When I was a kid, only seven or eight years old, my parents were awesome enough to send me to a camp called, Circle T. Ranch. This is the place that instilled in me my love for horses from an early age. It was an incredibly progressive camp for its type, I would say, and being one of the youngest (if not the youngest) kid there, I was super impressionable. I was ‘given’ my own horse to take care of for a week while we learned how to ride properly.

I went for four consecuative years. During each Summer that I went, I continued to learn more and more about myself than I possibly did throughout the entire school year. I always felt at home there.

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Freedom Found in the Void

I have always been afraid of heights in a pretty terrible way. I remember my first experience with my fear of heights – it was actually a dream that I had. I have no idea how old I was at the time when I had this dream but I know I was incredibly young as it stands out to be one of the first dreams that I can actually recall; I was being pushed on a swing, rising higher and higher until I could no longer see the ground! So when a friend gave me a sky dive voucher, I thought he was crazy!

I held on to that voucher for months, though. My friend is definitely aware of my fear of heights since he has been with me more than once where I had to admit as much to him. I began to realize that maybe my friend wasn’t just giving me a gag gift but instead giving me a way to confront my fear.

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One Lone Drip Causing Trouble

There has been a lot of rain over the past few months, and it has really taken a toll on my roof. One day, the roof started leaking in one of my rooms. I was sitting in the room reading a newspaper, when I started hearing a dripping sound hitting the floor. I looked around, and saw that the roof was leaking in one spot. I put a pan under the drip and prayed that no more would start. I contacted a company that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY to check out the problem.

The roofer went on top of my home to examine my roof and discovered exactly where the drip was coming from. The roofer said that I would need to have some new shingles added to stop water from coming through, and that I might need to get some internal repairs done for the damage that the dripping may have already caused.

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Preparing for the Winter Storms

Last year, in the middle of winter, there was a big storm that came. A lot of snow fell, and the roads became iced up so much that people were having trouble driving. All of the schools were closed, businesses didn’t open, and there was an emergency warning for the area. The power stayed on, but unfortunately, my furnace stopped working at the worst possible time. I was able to stay warm by wearing lots of clothes. I had to call a person for furnace repair in Bergen County NJ after the storm was over to fix my furnace.

Somehow the furnace had burned out. The repair man stated that it was probably due to how old the furnace was, and how much stress it was under because of the winter storm. The furnace has been in my house since it was built, which was long before I bought it.

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Hiring the Right Painter for the Job

Owning a home or business can be a tricky proposition that many will take for granted. When everything is going well it can be fun, but it does not take much for things to turn in the other direction. Repairs on buildings can be costly, but keeping things looking great and functioning properly is obviously very important. Even renovations can raise the value of a building and be wise investments, but only if they are done right. Falling behind schedule or going over the proposed budget is bad for any investment, so finding a painter in Bergen County NJ that can get the job done right is important.

Of course many people sit there and think about painting, figuring it is not a very hard job. It is certainly true that when it comes to painting a basic room, most people can probably manage to do it on their own.

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