Is Consumerism Possessed with Inherent Responisiblity

I’ve been musing over a thought I had the other day; is there a moral responsibility to be explored and held up by the merchant/consumer relationship? Is there virtue in supporting and preserving the health of an economy, industry or market in that we focus rather on the humanism rather than the quantifiable value it possess? It’s a notion that’s been bothing me a lot lately. I take for granted how often I take advantage of free offers like this blank invoice template, coupons and cheap services that once were part of a market which sold them.

Is this the fate of industries that don’t survive? Competition dwindles away as cheaper and easily accessible marketplaces arrive.

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Started Working As a DJ

For the past month and a half I have been working for a place that provides all sorts of party entertainment. Of course it is the same thing that I was doing on my own, I am still acting a DJ at all sorts of parties and the only difference is that these people are finding places for me to work. That was the big problem with the way that I was doing it, that was the real chore in the job. It was all very time consuming and to be really honest about it I was not really that well equipped to do the job. You have to have a persistent personality to sell yourself and you needed to get your name out there a lot more effectively than I was able to do.

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Saving a Marriage with Aids

My marriage had been rocky for a while. My wife would argue almost every day over trivial things, and it would only get worse. Scared that we would end in divorce, my wife and I went to a therapist to save our marriage. The therapist told us that we might want to try some sex aids. This didn’t make any sense to us. Of all the things to suggest to save a marriage, aids seemed like one of the last things to recommend. My wife and I hadn’t been intimate in a while, so the chance that we would even get to use some aids was slim, yet the therapist suggested it anyway.

Willing to do anything to keep our marriage going, we ordered some aids from an online shop. The therapist recommended that we try something simple to ease ourselves into it.

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