Just Started a New Job

I was hoping that I would find something a whole lot easier and in particular I was thinking that I would like for there to be a whole lot of pretty girls involved in my summer job. I was not really qualified to be a lifeguard on Rockaway Beach, but that is basically what I was looking for. However after a couple of weeks of searching I took a job with a company that does tree pruning in Brooklyn NY. The thing that I did not know was why they needed a new guy,. The guy I was working with told me the story. Apparently the last guy was not really paying attention one day. He had walked under the tree while the guy was pruning it and he had gotten hit by a pretty good sized limb. Of course there are a lot of reasons why you want to avoid that situation. The main one is that it could kill you.

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We Have a Goose Infestation

We have been living here for a couple of months and it seemed pretty close to perfect for a little while. The house is not huge, but it is a lot bigger than the apartment we were living in. The location was really terrific for me and pretty good for Trina. The yard was nice because there is not much work in taking care of it. Still it turns out that we are going to need to find someone who does Canada geese control in NJ. We have about twenty five or thirty of them out in our yard all of the time and it turns out that the males are really aggressive. I guess that they are called ganders from what I was reading.

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I Wanted a Garden Tub

When my husband asked me if I would rather have a shed in the back yard or have the bathroom remodeled, it took me all of two seconds to come up with an answer. While a shed would be nice, a new bathroom would be even nicer. He told me about the bonus that he got from work, and he wanted me to use it on one of the two. I already knew which company that does bathroom remodeling in Bergen County NJ to use, since they had just remodeled a good friend’s bathroom not that long ago.

In my old bathroom, there was an old pedestal sink, a toilet, and a bathtub that was probably over 20 years old.

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