Fixing Up a Good Home

I bought a home for cheap in New Jersey to live in. The home was what people in the know call a fixer upper, because it needed a lot of repairs to make it presentable. The plumbing was in desperate need of work, there were holes in the wall, and the rooms needed painting. I’m not skilled in anything other than putting together than furniture from the store, so I had to hire a plumber and painter in Morris County NJ. I was going to hire someone to repair the holes, but I actually figured out how to do that by watching a television show.

The plumber had to put a new hot water heater in, install some new pipes, and add new faucets to the sinks. Once I patched the wall holes, the painter was able to go over each room with a layer of primer and paint. I decided to go with a basic off white color. After these improvements, the home looked like any other home that you would find on the market. I thought about flipping the home for a profit, but I had fallen in love with the home so much that I wanted to stay there permanently.

When I showed the home to my parents, they were amazed that I was able to get it for such a low price. I showed them pictures of how the home used to look before I had it repaired, and they understood. A lot of other people my age were buying lower priced homes in need of fixing up because the newer ones on the market were too expensive. If I had enough money for the more expensive home, I probably still would have gotten a fixer upper. There something about putting work into the home that makes it more appealing.

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