I Actually Prefer the Singapore Spanish Restaurants the Most

I travel for business, and I do like trying different foods. However, I do have a favorite food style that I prefer. The problem is finding restaurants that have it when I am traveling. Even if I do find it, the food is not very often authentic. Most of the time it has recipes that are stylized to fit the tastes of the country I am in. On the other hand, I found Singapore Spanish restaurants to really have some great food. Ever since my first visit to an authentic Spanish restaurant, I have been hooked. As far as I know I do not have an ounce of Spanish blood in me. I came from halfway around the world. I can say that I really do like Spanish food though. I just have a taste for it unlike anything else.

As I would visit different countries on business, I would seek out Spanish restaurants for a meal. Many were okay, but not great. Some were downright awful. You know how it is. Even if you find a place, the chef or cooks might change from shift to shift and day to day. Then, sourcing the ingredients is an issue. It is rare when a restaurant can nail it every time when they make your favorite dish. However, the Singapore Spanish restaurants seemed to get it all together when I was there. I tried one place that was exceptionally good. I ate every meal there for my whole trip. I had no desire to go anyplace else.

Spanish food is in the ingredients, the preparation, the cooking and the way it is served. You have to even get the various spices and seasonings right. You can’t just grab stuff off of a shelf in a store that matches the name of an ingredient used in an authentic Spanish recipe. Only some restaurants have it all together to get it right.

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