I Like to Do Things That Are Unexpected

I love being different than everyone else. My friends say, that aside from my bubbly personality, my creatie mind is what makes things so fun to be around me. I hear all of these things often, and I really think they are wonderful compliments. As an example of doing things differently, just last week Ip honed the best party bus company in Toronto and rented a bus from them. I did not drive it myself, of course. There was a very professional chauffeur who met me and my freinds at a restaurant and then took us on a winery tour. So much fun, and it was a lot better than each of us taking our cars individually to each winery location. I try to do many other things like this when I can.

It really does not take all that long to think up cool and unique things to do. If you go to the beach, you don’t have to just lay down and fry in the sun for hours or wade out into the water and hope no creepy sea animals touch you under the water. You can have a picnic! That’s what I have done on many occasions. Just take a blanket with you and a lot of foods that you can put in an ice chest. You can even do the same thing if you go hiking out into the woods as well. I like to bring foods that match the location where I will be having the picnic.

One night, I went out on a date. I asked someone out on a date. Let’s just say that he was pretty suprised when I asked him out before he ever got a chance to ask me out! He had mentioned that we needed to make a quick stop at a library before we would head out for the actual date at a restaurant. But I surprised him when I pulled out a full dinner I had pre-made and brought with us in a basket. We sat amongst the bookshelves and had dinner.

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