Planning to Start My Own Business

I have been thinking about how hard it would be to start your own business, for example I have been thinking about starting up a small business that does carpet cleaning in Birmingham. I’ve even looked up webistes like In theory you would not really need that much to do it. To actually do the job you would need a panel van or a similar vehicle, a cell phone and the gear that is required to clean carpets. That is not going to be the sort of thing that you would use at your home. It needs to be something which does the job of cleaning a carpet much faster and better than what you could have at your house for a couple hundred pounds in cash. No one is going to want to pay you for something that they could do on their own with a store bought machine. In fact you have to be able to do a great job in less time than it would require to do it on your own. If you can not do it extremely well and very rapidly, then you are not going to make a profit. In fact the thing that I am worried about is the other parts of the job, past the actual getting in a van and going some place to physically clean a carpet. You have to be able to get your name out there. Obviously you could just work on word of mouth, but that is only going to get you so far. I know a few hundred people I suppose and no one knows me as a carpet cleaner. They are not going to be able to vouch for me as a carpet cleaner until after I have done the work for them. That is not going to be good enough to get the business going.

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