Saving a Marriage with Aids

My marriage had been rocky for a while. My wife would argue almost every day over trivial things, and it would only get worse. Scared that we would end in divorce, my wife and I went to a therapist to save our marriage. The therapist told us that we might want to try some sex aids. This didn’t make any sense to us. Of all the things to suggest to save a marriage, aids seemed like one of the last things to recommend. My wife and I hadn’t been intimate in a while, so the chance that we would even get to use some aids was slim, yet the therapist suggested it anyway.

Willing to do anything to keep our marriage going, we ordered some aids from an online shop. The therapist recommended that we try something simple to ease ourselves into it. There were some crazy looking devices that looked like they might have caused my wife and I some pain if we used them.

My wife and I had to read the instructions to be sure we were using the aids correctly. It had been so long since we became intimate that I forgot how much fun my wife and used to have in bed. The aids showed us a side of each other that we forgot existed. My wife and I were giggling the entire time we were being intimate. At our next therapy session, we told the therapist what happened with the aids, and she wasn’t surprised at all. She knew that we would be all over each other like the first time we got married. The therapist told us that the key to a healthy marriage is intimacy. She suggested that we could relieve a lot fo the stress associated with marriage through regular intimate contact.

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