Started Working As a DJ

For the past month and a half I have been working for a place that provides all sorts of party entertainment. Of course it is the same thing that I was doing on my own, I am still acting a DJ at all sorts of parties and the only difference is that these people are finding places for me to work. That was the big problem with the way that I was doing it, that was the real chore in the job. It was all very time consuming and to be really honest about it I was not really that well equipped to do the job. You have to have a persistent personality to sell yourself and you needed to get your name out there a lot more effectively than I was able to do. Of course if you are set up right you need to have whatever the customer wants or needs, and I only had one thing. The way this place is set up you can provide just about any sort of entertainment that the client wants. In fact I am not always the guy who does the entertaining. A lot of the time I am the sound engineer or just the guy who snakes cable. I have a van and I know how to do all of that stuff, so I have a specific value to the company. They have a lot of acts where you have to have public address systems set up, some of the time it is pretty much child’s play, but there is always an art to doing the job well. Of course the venue is what you have to work around much of the time. For instance when some guy decides to have a wedding in his backyard, there is a great chance that he will not have adequate electric power for the job.

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