The Thrill of the Horse Race

Competing against the other racehorse trainers in my area is no joke. These guys get really competitive, and I guess you have to be if you want to have any chance at wining. When I first became a horse racer, I was what people would consider a green horn. I knew next to nothing about horses or racing, and the other trainers really let me have it. Part of it was hazing to make me tougher, while the other part of it was seeing if I had what it took to compete with them. I wasn’t going to give up so easily like some of the other people.

Each day that I came to train with my horse, I put all of my effort into it. The horse and I practiced to make each other stronger. The horse needed to build up its speed and stamina, and I needed to build up my body strength to be able to withstand the riding force of the horse. When I first started riding at a fast pace, I could barely hold onto the horse and had to ask it to slow down or I would have risked falling off and injuring myself.

Over time, I became stronger with my horse, and the horse could travel as fast as possible without worrying about me falling off. I’ve become a little cocky with my increased skill and have challenged a few of the other trainers to a race. I’ve lost some of these challenges, but I’ve also won some of them as well. You can only become a better rider by having the courage to put yourself and your horse on the line against the other trainers. You won’t know what your limitations are unless you go head to head against someone that may be better than you.

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