This Company Really Helped Me out

When you are a senior citizen and you are on a fixed income, it can be very scary when you need to have something repaired at your home. There is always the fear that the cost will be great and will make it so that you do not have enough money left over to buy food or pay your utility bill. But when my basement flooded recently, and I and I need some drain cleaning in Bronx NY to fix the problem, I was pleasantly surprise by how the company wanted to work with me.

The basement is where my washer and dryer are. I turned on the light on the stairwell as I trudged down there with a basket of laundry. But the light is not very bright, and it was a big surprise when I stepped off the last step and felt water surround my feet and then my ankles. I knew that the plumbing down there had trouble, and I had been putting it off because I feared what the price may be. Now, I had probably waited so long that I made a bigger problem, I feared.

I called around and spoke to a variety of companies about pricing. The third one I spoke to knew that I am older and on a fixed income. I asked them if they would let me make payments, and they said yes. This was such a relief to hear because there are so many different types of companies that will not work with you. But the owner of this company said that he knew my ex-husband, and he knows that I live on my own right now, so he trusts me. He said that he would give me as much as six months to pay it back. Then, he sent his workers over to help fix the problem in just hours.

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