We Have a Goose Infestation

We have been living here for a couple of months and it seemed pretty close to perfect for a little while. The house is not huge, but it is a lot bigger than the apartment we were living in. The location was really terrific for me and pretty good for Trina. The yard was nice because there is not much work in taking care of it. Still it turns out that we are going to need to find someone who does Canada geese control in NJ. We have about twenty five or thirty of them out in our yard all of the time and it turns out that the males are really aggressive. I guess that they are called ganders from what I was reading. At any rate if you get near them they will try to make themselves look as big as they can and they will start acting as though they are ready to throw down. I have stood my ground with them, although I had a shovel in my hand once, so it was not as though it was going to be a fair fight if he had decided to come at me. That is the only thing that is wrong with this place right now though and I am pretty sure that we can find someone to solve the problem. The question I have is how to keep them from coming back. Even if you catch them and take them a day’s drive away, they can obviously fly and if they really like it here, then they would have no trouble finding their way back here. I would not mind if they went back to Canada, but from what I understand a lot of them no longer do that. They are able to find easy food that people discard.

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